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Silent Manifest Released

Silent Manifest (Acoustic Version E.P.) - Name your price download @

So I finished the acoustic version of Silent Manifest today and released it through bandcamp. It is free to download at a ‘name your price’ so if you don’t plan on donating anything then just enter the checkout value as $0.00.

It was interesting recording the album, I did several versions but nothing was really interesting me and the perfectionism started to take root so I backed off for a while and came back to it fresh. The versions of the songs on the album are intended to be stripped down raw and inclusively aware of flaws and assymetry in the songs and in the production values.

The actual EP itself is perhaps one of the most superficial ventures I’ve undertaken. I wrote the songs, documenting myself and gauging the feel of the songs on my emotional and philoosophical spectrum. In the end the songs are like I said fragile and beautiful little pieces of songwriting but actually laying down the steps for a ‘release’ or a ‘product’ were the actual bits I felt most dissociated with.

If I do this again it needs to be without distractions or outside pressures. Those factors take too much away from everything if your only focus is on one thing. My focus for the EP and vision is a very kind of intricate and simplified elegance which is not present on the acoustic version but I have proofs and demos of instrumentals both extended and individual for the final studio version, so that is in the works.

If you’ve read this I want to thank you for taking the time to take interest and I hope you enjoy the hidden track on the download. I decided to do a cover of it because it is a song that touches me most and is a gift to my parents and a token of my love and appreciation for them and the love they share with each other. Thanks!- Evan!

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Its A Minor Thing

Ok, so school and the job hunt have been pretty distracting and hit hard about a month ago. Naturally I haven’t gotten to work on any of my projects.

With that I’m taking the cue from some if my favorite musicians and for the sake if releasing something I’m compiling a mini acoustic demo-EP.

It’ll be made up of five songs I’ve written in the past four weeks and ill release it for free download through my bandcamp account so ill post the link here when the time comes.

The EP is titled “Silent Manifest” and as I mentioned contains five songs recently written. Im likely speaking biased but in terms of structure and substance these songs are beautifully pretty fragile little pieces of songwriting that I didn’t expect to… manifest ;D *hint*



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Etsy Shop and other brambling rambling….


My Etsy shop is up now. Its called Dharma Bum Studios but that name is gonna change eventually. THere are several paintings up and available for purchase. I painted those between Fall 2011 and presently. I have a whole closet absolutely packed with other paintings so these are just the initial ones, I plan on putting up several more once I get access to a badass camera (hmm, I smell an investment in there, eh?). So I guess I’ll post the link and dropout.

Been a productive day, gessoed over parts of another painting I started a few months ago, I didn’t like the way it looked so I’m going another direction. Also primed two other circular masonite surfaces for two other painitings from a sketch in my notebook, so yeah.

No shows coming up soon other than the First Friday booking with Hypnotik Entertainment. Not too crazy about getting more shows right now, I feel like painting again, exercising that branch of creativity once again and seeing what comes of it.

I also managed to get a free studio recording time with some music tech student from UTSA, so I guess he needs a lab rat to record some stuff, so thats a plus. I think Anti-Delilah might get recorded first if thats the case because the recording is supposed to be this weekend sometime.

So yeah, thats all I got right now,


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For starters…how about 4 Albums?

I have in my possesion an amassed arsenal of musical material endowed unto me by the universe around us :D. With that material and concepts, I have grouped them chronologically into thus far 4 groupings of planned recordings. I have already produced multiple spit-stix versions of very low quality recordings presently featured on my Reverbnation, Facebook, and Soundcloud accounts. Once I begin work on actual definite versions of this music those Lo-fi lo-quality versions of these songs will go back into the vault of my harddrive. It sounds sad since I’ve come to love these very flawed versions of my songs over the past three/four years.

The actual albums will not be released chronologicaly from their conceptual inception but from my own choosing of preference. Theres a certain thrill I’m experiencing in recognizing that there’s a kind of aesthetic beauty in that there are underlying concepts and themes being conveyed in these planned recordings. I don’t even know what the finised versions of these songs will sound like but I have an idea. If I had children I would liken this experience towards one of being excited to meet this new beautiful being being born into the world. Did that make sense? In any case I can’t wait to meet these songs face to face.

This is gonna be fun, but I need to move on because my “H” key keeps jamming up on me. There are going to be 4 albums I plan to release once created about 4 months apart from one another starting in January with Subterranean Creatures.

1- Subterranean Creatures- Planned for release in January 2013, Subterranean Creatures will be an eclectic experimental instrumental album of odd quirky sounds and candid acoustic melodies and experimental sonorial noise personalities, First half of original concept and recordings produced Summer 2011, second half of recordings to be completed October 2012. Cover art will be the black and yelow/green streak photograph from Reverbnation/Facebook.

2- Sun Ditch The Elbow Grease- Expected in May 2013, Sun Ditch will be comprised of songs written off and on between 2009- 2011, these are my first songs I’ve ever written and are of the Singer-Songwriter vein. Work on recordings of more advanced spit-stix versions of these songs is to be expected to be completed by the end of November 2012. Of these songs which number to about 17, 12 of them have been selected for inclusion onto this album. Cover art TBD

3- Apotheosynthesis- Continuation of songs I’ve written between Summer 2011- July 2012, chosen songs number to about 14. Songs here are more full bodied with more structure and variation than straight tender folk of Sun Ditch. Recordings to be expected complete by the first half of December 2012. Cover art likewise TBD.

4- The Anti-Delilah EP- 5 Folk-Rock songs written between August- October 2012. Recordings to be completed if not also by the first half of December 2012. Cover art will be “The Anti-Delilah” photograph I produced in October 2012.

Recording 4 albums in the time frame of ~2-3 months might be overdoing it or even seem like I’m setting myself up for failure, but I like to start projects big so I have a lot of room to work with or I might become bored with it. Besides, I’ve set plenty of time between planned release dates and the present to work, so just because I’m aiming for 2-3 months actually gives me a good 5-7 months (I’m estimating). The dates for completion/release I mentioned above are not even concrete, I’m not gonna push myself to finish something like this for the sake of a deadline. Those dates are for sure my planned dates of completion and reflect what I would want to be but life has its own plans, so we’ll see were I am in a month from now. If the majority of Subterranean is finished by then I’ll call it a success and move on to the next batch. If not….well I’m flexible.

All I know is I’m going to have fun documenting this in the downtime. But for now I have GOVT chapters to read.

Later! — Evan

— 1 year ago
What Are The Features Of Subterranean Creatures?

Okay here I go, this is where I’m gonna outline the purpose of this blog. Don’t worry it won’t be long since I don’t have an epic mind-blowing super complex plan, I’m just gonna wing this and make it up as i go along:

I’m Evan Estrada a San Antonio, TX based singer-songwriter in the folk rock vein. It feels awkward labeling my music like that since its been such a personal thing to me to be able to create songs that have just been collecting dust in my notebooks for the past few years. So I’m finally getting my first foray into the Indie music scene. And by “Indie” I mean to the core, Independent Music I’m finding right now is about the most daunting thing I am facing right now since my job consists of not only creating the music but having to build a “fanbase” online. With this internet world I find that I’m going to have to be so multi-faceted if I want my music to get some attention, which is another awkward thing because it seems a little selfish and self-absorbed to say that I want fans. The way I look at it is I just want to share this stuff with other people.

If you’re curious to know what I mean by “Subterranean Creatures" let me explain. Its a multi-media art project I’m going to be working on for probably the entirety of my life. The whole scope of it will be finished after my death. I know its a morbid idea but I see Life As Art, so with that my human existence will be an art project that I’ll express through different medias. I don’t know what life has in store for me but I beleive I have what John Frusciante calls "the tools of the artist to bend and shape the nature of reality." so The project will consist of:

         1.  Artwork (Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Sketches, Notebooks etc..)
         2. Published & Self Produced Musical Material
         3. Selected Writings (Poems, Lyrics, Stories, etc..)

So yeah, this is going to be a blog about my journey as an Independent Artist on the verge of graduating community college and my process of going forward in life, in music and art by continuing to do what I love. These are my vocations and I couldn’t call it quits if i tried, of course I’ll have to compromise some time and get an actual day-job but thats fine since I need money to invest with and I’m pretty good about saving up.

I’ll update this blog as actively as I can or split up the medias on seperate titled blogs of their own when the time comes. But aside from all this, its a sunny day today and its definately lifted my mood from the past few days. - Evan Estrada

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